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Are you an accompanying spouse or partner in Tønder Municipality, and looking for a job? Contact Jobcenter Tønder – we can help with your job search in our area.

Jobcenter Tønder has a number of service offerings for accompanying spouses and/or partners, who are going to live and work in the Municipality of Tønder, and are looking for a job. At Jobcenter Tønder, we have a broad knowledge of the local and regional labor market, and are ready to assist you in your job search.

In Jobcenter Tønder

As an accompanying spouse or partner to the Municipality of Tønder, Jobcenter Tønder offers to assist you in search for a job.

There are a wide range of businesses and companies in the Municipality of Tønder, all of which require different types of labor – both unskilled, skilled and highly educated.

Jobcenter Tønder offers

  • Guidance on job opportunities in the Municipality of Tønder.
  • A meeting with a job consultant, who can advise you on how to organize your job search. Our consultants can also provide you with an overview of current open positions within the area, and relevant companies, who may have job-openings within your area of expertise.
  • Invitation to Jobdating – our recurring event hosted by Jobcenter Tønder. Here you can meet companies from various industries with current, vacant positions and have a chat with them about job and training opportunities, face to face.
    Jobdating is for you, who are looking for a full-time, part-time, flexible job, or student job - regardless of your current job situation. Let your personal skills play off your professional qualifications and find the right job.
  • Information meetings where you will be introduced to the local labor market, cultural life, etc.

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